Dave's Weekend in Five Photos: Why Does Josie Look So Ashamed?

Hope you had a great weekend! It was finally warm enough to get outside, so we did! Here's my weekend in five pics!

First up, we went to the Chanhassen Winter Fest at Lake Ann. Highlight was the fishing tournament which packed the ice with people and just looked cool.

I have honestly never seen sled dogs in action before. It was so cool and impressive!

Let me say this about a kick sled. It's way harder than you'd think! You can't really push off with your foot on the ice because, well, because it's icy! But it was fun. Josie kept getting in front of the sled so I finally put her on Susan's lap. She still wasn't that happy but we had fun!

When we got home, Josie was a muddy mess, so I put her right in the sink for a bath. Isn't it funny how dogs get an embarrassed look on their face?

And Sunday night, we're watching the Super Bowl, like most everyone else.

I hope you had a great weekend! Thanks for looking at my blog!


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