Dave's Weekend In Five Photos: January 25 - 27

Kind of a quiet weekend. Aside from hosting a big fundraiser on Friday, I barely left the house over the weekend. So let's see who's Saturday and Sunday was more laid back, yours or mine with my weekend in five photos!

I hosted an event called "Jeans and Jerseys" on Friday night which was a fundraiser for Carson's school's senior party.  It was a ton of fun and a little sad to realize it was the last time I'd see a lot of these parents that I've seen a lot of since Carson started school. BTW, those are two students from his school and we are having a lot more fun than it looks like in this photo!

I got an Oculus Go for Christmas and have only played with it once so I had it out this weekend. Susan was making fun of me and took this picture so you could see how stupid I look with it. BUT it was super cool!

We are still doing some serious de-cluttering and finding boxes of stuff that I haven't seen or even thought of in years. Back in the day, this is how audio was stored.  These are hundreds of highlight clips from my show, interviews, parody songs, funny fake commercials and more. No one has a reel-to-reel tape machine anymore and I thought I should throw all these away but someone who follows me on Instagram pointed out I can have them converted, so I'm gonna do that!

Saturday night, I stayed home and watched "13 Sins" with Carson. It would remind you of "Saw" and "Black Mirror."  Really good.

Every week I do a podcast called, "Take a Shower, Show Up on Time and Don't Steal Anything".  I know it's probably not that interesting, but I was pretty excited to actually get two real microphones and a mixer to do the show, cuz now I can have a guest without passing a big ol' microphone back and forth. 

BTW, the podcast this week is all about millennial bashing and if any of it is justified. I talk to two millennials about how it's not.  Hear it on iTunes, the podcast app, Soundcloud and iHeart Radio  Just search "Take a Shower Show" and it'll show up.

I hope you had a great weekend and got out of it what you wanted! Cuz isn't it true we all want something different from our weekends? That's a subject for another blog though!

Have a good week, stay warm and THANKS for looking at my blog!

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