10 Things to Do On Valentine's Day if You're Single

As Dave and Steve like to say, I might have a "flavor of the week", but technically I'm still single and plan on doing at least two of these things on Valentine's Day if my relationship status doesn't change before that. 

1. Have a total self-care night, complete with face masks and a bubble bath.

2. Get your nails done.

3. Go on a road trip with friends, or even by yourself.

4. Cook a fancy meal for yourself.

5. Host a game night and play your favorite games with your pals.

6. Go to a local winery or brewery and indulge in a tasting.

7. Take yourself on a shopping spree.

8. Go for a nice long walk, hike, or run and jam out to your favorite playlist.

9. Make homemade chocolate-covered strawberries and eat them to your heart's content because hey, it's still fruit!.

10. Go to the fanciest restaurant in town with your besties.

Find some more options here!

Photo: Getty Images

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