My Latest Podcast: "The #ClutterChallenge" Part 2

Last week on my podcast, "Take a Shower, Show Up on Time and Don't Steal Anything" we talked about how everyone is de-cluttering. It feels great, it looks great and it gives you more room in your house!

But let's admit, it's not easy. Sometimes we like hanging on to the past because we're sentimental. Or we think, "I'll find a use for that!" Me? I honestly think both of those thoughts, plus, I hate throwing stuff away, knowing it'll just end up in a landfill.  Example:  Drawer full of old pens, markers, art supplies, etc? Sure, I can throw it away because my kids are too old to need any of that stuff, but I hate that it'll spend the next 3000 or more in a landfill. I guess it will whether I throw it away today, or someone else throws it away somewhere down the road.

Check out this week's podcast where we cover:

-De-Cluttering and the #ClutterChallenge

-Rude men proving how tough they are to women in the grocery store parking lot

-Boring NFL dynasties

-Why I'm so paranoid about some people

Here's the link! You can also get it on the podcast app, iHeart Radio, Soundcloud and iTunes.

Thanks for listening!

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