Experts Say You Need a 'Momcation'

 It’s important for everyone, especially moms who don’t always feel like they have enough time away from the kids to spend time with friends or enjoy their hobbies. And that’s why one psychologist wants to take self-care one step further and send moms on a real vacation from their kiddos - a “momcation” - even if it’s just to the day spa.

According to psychologist Nava Silton, moms need to get away from the stresses of being a mom so they can feel refreshed and rejuvenated. She points out that a “momcation” isn’t just good for the mother, but for the whole family. That idea is backed up by a study which finds that women who take vacations at least twice a year are “less likely to become tense, depressed, or tired, and are more satisfied with their marriages.”

Of course, not every mom can hop on a plane and leave their kids, partner, and life behind while she recharges on a beach with a book in her hand. But therapist Dayna M. Kurtz explains that the idea of a “momcation” is more than taking an annual solo trip. It can be adjusted to fit a mom’s budget and time limitations, but taking time for herself is essential for a mother.

Kurtz calls “momcations” a necessity, not a luxury. She says they’re a key part of what she calls “mothercare” - things that restore and revitalize our energy so we can provide healthy, loving care for our kids. She says it’s simple, “We need to make sure mothers are getting the time off they need, to get the job done.”

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