Dave's Weekend in 5 Pictures and 1 Video: January 18 - 21

Yes we all love a long holiday weekend! Not all of us got a 3-day weekend but I hope you did! And of course, remember why we had this long holiday weekend. MLK was a game-changer and even though most of us weren't alive when he was changing the country, don't forget the work he did and why he did it.

It was Allison's birthday weekend so we did a lot with her, as you'll see. Here comes my weekend in five pictures (and one video!).

Ever since Allison was little I've drawn her little Post-It notes on her first and last days of school, birthdays, Halloween, etc. She's 27 now, so I drew her this on my iPad and texted it to her. I'm not an artist, but the love is there!  (That's her husband and her cat, Thor, BTW)

Where do we go on birthdays? Benihana!

I love my Josie. But does your dog do this? I'm on the floor doing stretches and she straddles my face. I think it's a domination thing.

The "ClutterChallenge" continues! I went through two big boxes of pictures and keepsakes and letters, some from back when I was 22 or 23. I remembered nearly everything in these boxes, all the people, all the birthday cards and autographed pictures, but I just can't keep them anymore. Here's the pile I threw away, which is about 95% of what was in the boxes.

Sunday we went to the Omni Theater at the Science Museum to see the film about National Parks. It was incredible and really makes me want to get out and see these places. I've been to Yellowstone, I hiked the Grand Canyon for a week with the Boy Scouts, I've been to Glacier, but honestly, that's about it. Before the movie, we had lunch at Mickey's Diner. Yes, Carson blinked. I should have taken more than one!

And finally, a little birthday serenading for Allison!

I hope you had a good weekend! Next weekend is Winter Carnival...Are you going?

Have a great week and thanks for looking at my blog!


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