A VERY Cool Project With Your Grandparents' Handwriting

One of the most personal things about all of us, something that no one else can claim and that those close to us recognize, is our handwriting.

My daughter Allison @allisonupnorth told me about an idea she either had or heard somewhere, to preserve your grandparents's writing in a frame.  Take a picture of each of the four of them, and an actual sample of their handwriting and frame it.

I think that sounds so cool and so special! My dad's handwriting was very neat and my mom's wasn't quite so neat. Mine is pretty sloppy, as is Carson's and Chase's while Allison and Beth and Susan all have pretty nice handwriting.

But how special is that?

Here's my dad's:

And my mom's:

If you do this project, be sure to send me a copy of the final result!  daveryan@kdwb.com

Even if you don't go full out and frame it with pictures, try to find some of your grandparents and save it in a safe place.

Thanks for checking out my blog!


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