Jersey Shore's 'Vinny' Has Everyone Thirsty For His New Body

Vinny Guadagnino made a name for himself on MTV's Jersey Shore as a funny guy, but now he is becoming more known for his hot body. The reality star has been doing the keto diet and he's been letting his fans follow his journey on a special Instagram account called @ketoguido. Vinny started it in October of 2017 to show off the different high-protein, high-fat, low-carb meals he's been eating and how his body has been changing. However, a recent set of before and after photos truly shows the dramatic differences in Vinny's body over the past 15 months. 

Vinny has not only dropped 50 pounds but is now ripped.

Vinny says the new physique is all thanks to his diet, intermittent fasting and exercise. In the captions of his various selfies, he explains how it hasn't been easy. In one posted after Christmas, he wrote, "Monday and Tuesday I ate like a pig and after injecting sugar into my blood for two days I honestly was ready to get back to eating meat and vegetables. It's always been tough for me to work out as well in the midst of eating bad during the holidays but this time I sucked it up. After the rest of the week of sweating, intermittent fasting , and eating Keto... I feel good again."

In another before and after shot, Vinny describes how he never posted a pic from when he was overweight because he was embarrassed by having millions of people see him like that, but he is happy to post them now so he can help inspire people. 

He goes on to say that when he was "chunky" he ate "a lot of bread, pasta, pizza, fried food and sugary desserts" and was always hungry, but the new keto Vinny "doesn’t eat any bread, pasta, or grains (whole wheat or not) and no sugary foods. He reads the labels of everything he eats to make sure there aren't hidden sugars in them. He doesn't count calories, he eats fatty, delicious food, grease, vegetables never feels deprived, is rarely hungry, has a cheat meal once in a while, is full of energy and mental clarity and exercises several times a week." He also says he doesn't use steroids or supplements. 

It seems to be paying off.

Way to go Vinny!

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