Tina’s Weekend in Five-ish Photos 1/11 - 1/13

ADULTING SO HARD IN 2019 ( high kick )

2019 is about getting sh*t done!

Friday 1/11 -

Friday afternoon I went to hang out with my favored human, Evan at Twiggs Salon & we had fun messing around with my hair!

Saturday 1/12 -

Started my Saturday strong with “this complete breakfast”!

That’s an omelet with tomatoes, mozzarella & basil, chopped mango, grapefruit juice & coffee. 

Saturday night I went to see The Upside. I got an Icee. When drinking an Icee it’s important to mix every flavor available to you.

These hobos followed me. 

JK Falen invited us! THANKS FALEN!

Sunday 1/13-

Adulting so hard on Sunday by meal prepping egg cups for breakfast!

It was my Mom’s birthday Sunday! Happy Birthday Mom!! We went to Young Joni!

I moved into my apartment a year ago & have wanted to hang these 2 things since then. The art next to the mirror I got in Paris 3 years ago. Better late than never!!

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