Mike Posner Shared A Message And It Made Me Cry

I've been a Mike Posner fan for a while now. As a teenager, I'd drive around just burning gas and listening to his music. Some of the said songs include:


I haven't heard from Mike Posner in a minute. He shares his life here and there with the fans but other than that I'd say he's a private dude. However, last year, one of my radio friends had an interview with him. They called his label afterwards... he was depressed and detached sounding... something was wrong. 

We didn't know he was fighting so many negative things in his life.

Here's what he has to say:

I'm glad Mike Posner is going back to his roots. He seems genuinely happy & It makes me motivated to find even more happiness in my life. Also, I'm super jealous he's spending this year walking across America!!! Good for Mike.

Cheers, buddy.

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