Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 1/4 - 1/6

I NEVER go to movies.  Don't ask me why but it's not really my thing but I have been wanting to see Aquaman so Friday I went to the new theater, The Alamo, in Woodbury to watch Jason Momoa on the big screen. 

I went for a run outside Saturday.  When I do cardio I overheat, so I did it in shorts since we hit the mid 40s on what should have been a 10 degree January weekend! 

I ran around the lakes in Uptown and watched people wind surf and bike over frozen Bde Maka Ska and it was all making we very nervous haha. 

I was a pile of garbage with my health over the holidays so I attempted to eat healthy all weekend and did a pretty good job.  This was dinner on Saturday night. 

And Saturday night I had a friend's birthday party.  She had a fountain of apple pie (a moonshine drink that tastes like apple cider).  I also decided to skip the drinking this weekend and just had a sip of the apple pie, went to the bar with the birthday party, and left within 10 minutes because I can't handle the body to body packed bar scene anymore. 

Hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed some of that "nice" weather and sunshine!

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