Steve-Os Weekend in Five Pictures: I Am So Lame

Here's a clue that my weekend was lame, one of my top pictures was of the chicken noodle soup we made for dinner on Sunday. I can't say that my weekend was full of anything exciting because it just wasn't. 

I'm super late to the game but Kristy and I agreed we need to actually sit down and start a show. We haven't seen in anything in what seems forever mostly because we don't want to waste time on something that sucks. We finally ripped off the band-aid and watched the crown on Friday night, we're two episodes in and we really like even though we're extremely late to the game. 

We were supposed to watch Birdbox but I just don't want to, no part of it looks good to me.  

Saturday before doing other stuff I sat in bed and used my happy light.  Kristy got it for me so I would stop being such a gray cloud so I sat in bed with Charlie for 30 minutes with the light off to the side and worked on the learn a new language challenge for the show which no surprise is going horribly. 

I'm having to learn Arabic for the show and it's not going well, no part of it looks or sounds familiar to my ear so I might as well be learning an alien language.  So far I've used Youtube to teach and that's easier said than done because it's packed with junk. 

Kristy was gone from Saturday to Sunday for a friend's bday party so I was solo to drive the children to ballet, soccer and tennis on Saturday. On Sunday, nothing exciting just did stuff at home and like I said at the beginning of the post, made soup.  THANK GOD for work on Monday.  

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