Dave's Weekend in Five Photos: Jan 4 - 6

It was kind of a chill, not-much-going-on weekend, which was great. There were a few cool parts though, like flying! Let's' get started!

Alexandra has been listening to our show for years and years, and so has her husband, Matt. She asked me if I'd take him flying for his Christmas present. Sounded good to me! So we met out at Flying Cloud airport and went up for an hour or so! Gotta love mom and dad's shadows in the picture!

Josie is my buddy. I just love her. She meets me at the bottom of the stairs on weekends, she jumps on the couch when I sit down, she follows me everywhere. And she wanted to play fetch. She was so enthusiastic and happy I just had to take this picture of her waiting for me to throw her toy.

We are making some serious efforts to get rid of stuff. We have kept Allison and Carson's art projects and homework ever since they started school, but we know we can't keep it all forever, there's just too much of it. But I can't throw it all away! What do I do?

This picture cracks me up! That's our cat, Roger, eye-to-eye with a fat squirrel who comes to his birdfeeder.

Everybody was RAVING about "The Birdbox" so I watched it on Netflix and I liked it. I will say it wasn't really worthy of all the hype.  Good, but not the best movie I've seen lately. That would be "Ralph Wrecks the Internet."  :-)

Thanks for looking at my blog! Have a great week!


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