Alex Asked If I'd Take Her Husband Flying, So.....

A few weeks before Christmas, I got an email from Alexandra, who has listened to our show for years. She asked if I could take her husband, Matt, up flying for his Christmas present. He loves flying and hasn't gotten too many opportunities to go lately. Plus, he also listens to KDWB, loves Boy Scouts and Buffalo Wild Wings so he and I are pretty much automatic BFFs.

I told her yes, for sure, if she was willing to share the expense, and she was.  (Flying costs about $250 an hour)

Here's Matt on Christmas, opening the gift, a photo of me next to the plane, with pasted over the person I was next to.

Yes, he's giving me kind of a loving look. LOL!

Saturday we met at the airport with their son, Cam and mom and dad (shadows) and got ready to go!

Ice houses on Lake Waconia.

Paisley Park Studios in Chanhassen.

Randomly, the Target store in Waconia.

The city of Waconia from 1500 feet.

We had a great time!  Thanks Alex and Matt!

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