What is a Softboy and Are You Dating One?

You know the saying, “if you go home with somebody, and they don’t have books, don’t have sex with them?” The softboys may be the ones to trick you. 

You've heard about F***boys well, softboys maybe even worse.

They have books, sure, but do they actually have the intellectual intelligence that we’re looking for? Softboys will talk a big game about how smart they are, but the reality? They’re sitting at home playing video games in their free time. Here's a pretty perfect description of a Softboy from Metro. 

He’ll proclaim he’s a feminist and an ally. He works at the feminist library, dontcha know. He thinks we need equal pay and sexual liberation and to free the nipple. This behaviour is intriguing to the uninitiated. You might feel flattered by their compliments, and happy that you’ve met a guy who thinks about things more than some you’ve been out with. You have been officially snared by the softboy.

The ‘softboy’ is different from your everyday jerk because he appeals to your emotions instead of just going in for the kill when it comes to having sex. Think you’ve got a softboy on your hands? Remind him that just about everyone’s read “Catcher In The Rye,” and he wasn’t the first to discover spoken word poetry. How about THAT?!

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