Tina's Holiday Break in a Bunch of Photos 12/22 - 1/1

Happy 2019!!

Here are a whole bunch of photos from my holiday break!

Saturday I actually went out with Jenny...

...Intern John came too.

My Grandma came to stay with us.

She brought her dog Mia.

Spent Christmas Eve with family & friends.

Made the most bomb chocolate soufflés. You can get the recipe here

Went ice skating at MOA with Harry. 

( No we're not dating )

Took this baller photo. 

Hung out with Mia some more.

Got bougie with my friends and spend $70 on cheese and meats ( worth it ) then watched Bandersnatch. 

Raven came to visit.

We ate churros...

...and played DDR

Had my friends over to my place & hosted the NYE pre-game. 

Went to Seven with these fools.

Decided that 2019 is my year. 


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