My Vacation in About 10 Pictures


I hope you had a great holiday season! And I hope you got some time to enjoy with your family and the people you love! Here are some pictures from my Christmas vacation!

Every year on Christmas Eve, Carson and I go snowboarding at Hyland. It was a bit of a challenge this year because the day before, I threw my back out by sneezing! Yes, sneezing! I felt something pop and thought "Well, that's gonna hurt later."  And it did.

When we went, I could barely bend down to put my bindings on so after only about 6 or 7 runs, I was done. But we got our traditional trip in and that's what's really important!

Not much of a story here, I just thought it was very sweet.  I got this little art pad for my daughter Allison. She put in on her desk at work and since she had to work the day after Christmas, she sent me this little doodle she made.  Awwwwww.....  :-)

This is a travel ukulele I got for Christmas. Yes, it travels easily and I took it to Florida, but it's really difficult to play because the body tends to move when you fret with your left hand. But I played it anyway!

I love this picture.  We found a bunch of my father-in-law, Rod's, old photo albums and the kids got a big kick out of asking him about the old pictures. And of course, he had a great time telling them all about them.

When Rod retired, he got a place in Florida with a pool for the kids. Well, those kids have loved the pool over the years and they still do.

It was great to have really nothing to do for three days but relax. No schedules, no watching the time. So we played games.  This one is Monopoly Deal. A very simple game Carson loved so much when he was little that he used to play it by himself.

I forget what Rod said to make me laugh so hard, but I was dying here!

Off to Disney! Donald is my favorite so we had to get a picture with him!

Allison told me this is the wall in the Magic Kingdom where all the influencers and bloggers get their picture taken, so we had to do it too.

I love my kids!

I hope you have some great pictures and memories from the holidays too! Thanks for looking at my blog!


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