Jenny's Holiday Vacation in Five Pics (Part 2)

One of my girlfriend's is originally from London.  Her best friend that currently lives in London came for a  visit so we did a little day drinking shindig and when you get two Brits together, things got a little wild.  

One day over the holidays I didn't leave my apartment the entire day because I did all the things I swore I would do over the break.  Paid bills, cleaned my shower, vacuumed, organized an organizer, and more.  That also included trying a new salmon recipe but honestly it was bland and I wouldn't recommend it. 

I went to Snowta mainly to see Marshmello.  By that day of holiday break I almost didn't want to go because I was so dead from going out so much but I'm happy I did because it was a TON of fun.  Here's the crew I was with the first night. 

New Years Eve I started the night at Seven with all the KDWB crew. 

The party was over the top and intense with fire performers, a separate reptile room, and more.  I checked out the reptiles and the snake was terrifying. 

I ended up running off to Snowta right before midnight to catch Skrillex do the midnight countdown.  I wish I had pictures of that but sometimes you just have to enjoy the moment so I do not.  Hope you enjoyed some time off over the holidays!  Now back to reality, woof. 

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