Five Things You Can Do to Stay Positive This Month

From Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day, it’s a whirlwind of festivities and celebrations and once it’s all over, it can feel like a letdown. Popsugar put together some great advice for those of us that need a bit of a bump to avoid the January blues. Here are five things you can do to beat the blues.

  • Plan something low-key with friends - Set up something fun you can look forward to at the beginning of the month.
  • Plan a warm weather vacation - If you can swing a getaway to a warm, sunny destination sometime soon, do it. Soak up vitamin D and recharge for the rest of winter.
  • Treat yourself - After the holiday rush, it’s common to feel burned out at the beginning of the year, so this is the ideal time to treat yourself.
  • Learn something new - Challenge yourself in 2019 to gain some knowledge by learning a new skill or trying something creative.
  • Give back - Volunteering for a cause you believe in can help boost your mood and give you a sense of purpose to start the New Year.
  • Clean and declutter - You don’t need to wait until spring to get your living space in shape. Having a clutter-free home can help you stay motivated to keep it going, you can even extend it to a post-holiday sugar detox or dry January, to reset after all the Christmas cookies and holiday wine.

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