Colt's Christmas In Five Photos

On Friday, I filled in for Zach Dillon on KDWB. Got out of work at 6p, and hit the road. Jenn (my wife) my two cats (cuddles + Tigger) and I went home for the Holiday. We had an 11 hour drive ahead of us. We stayed in the middle of nowhere in the U.P. of Michigan on Friday night. 

We woke up earlier than anyone else on Saturday and set our sights on Traverse City, MI.

When we arrived, we hit up my sisters hair salon. She's a stylist and gave us some cuts more fresh than today's grocery delivery:

Sunday we hung out with my sister, her life survival partner & their child (my nephew) CJ. He is so cute, and makes me want to have a child of my own. Love this kid:

Sunday night we hit our local bars. My hometown is the biggest town within a two our radius, and it only holds 22,000 people. Not big at all... I mean I used to think it was huge as a kid... but now... lol not even:

On Christmas eve, my sister and CJ came over to Jenn's parent's place. We had so much fun!

Holy hell. Sorry Zach Dillon just scared the Sh** out of me. 


On Christmas day we also went hiking! 

There's this place about 30 mins from my hometown. It has the best views. Straight up. You feel like you're not in Michigan, but like a mountain type area rather:

Oh yeah, also on Christmas, I visited my little bro. He has been struggling with addiction for some time now. It sucks seeing him in jail. He's been there for about 60 days, and has another 30 to go. But he is so excited and happy to start 2019 fresh. 

I'm proud of him for holding on to his hope. I think i'm going to move him to Minneapolis. It would just suck ass if anything happened, and I was the one to turn him down on his second chance. Ya know? I can't live with that. We had a messed up childhood and I have empathy for the kid. He's my brother. I'd carry him up a damn mountain if I had to. We had like a two hour long conversation on Christmas through thick Plexiglas on Corded Phones. But I loved it. He's going to do okay. I hope he does okay.

thanks for reading. Means a lot. Maybe one day more than two people will see my blog lmao. For now, welcome to the small family of mine.  

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