A Video Version of My Weekly Podcast

Below is a the worst thumbnail in history. And that's okay. I'm not going to back try to change it. If it's part of the greater plan in the Universe for me to look like I'm getting poked in the testicles with a hot knitting needle, so be it.

I've been doing a podcast for a couple of years for my book, "Take a Shower, Show Up on Time and Don't Steal Anything" and I thought it would be fun to get it on video while I recorded it.

We talk about two things to remember when you open any kind of a present. One thing to never do and one thing to always do, if it feels right. Plus, more of the worst songs of all time, and what it takes to succeed in absolutely anything you want to succeed in.

So take a look! Or download the podcast on iTunes, iHeart Radio, the podcast app, or Soundcloud.

And Happy Holidays!


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