Roth Family's Christmas Wish

Dear KDWB morning show, 

My name is Denise and I am submitting a Christmas Wish nomination for my nephew, Tim Roth. We call him LT for little Tim because his dad’s name is Tim also. 10 years ago, LT was diagnosed with TTP which is a rare blood disorder. He spent months in the hospital including Christmas that year. Several months after his hospital stay and outpatient treatments he was well enough to return to work and continue raising his family. This July the TTP came back. He has not been able to work since he was diagnosed and now had to stop his treatments because of allergic reactions to the plasma, chemo type treatments and his port getting clogged. He goes into the clinic every two weeks for blood work to make sure things stay stable even though his numbers aren’t where the doctors would like them to be. He has been denied help from the county so many times that he has given up asking and has also been denied state insurance. His short-term disability ran out in November, so he has no way to pay household or medical bills. He is struggling to survive and provide for his family. LT is 42 years old, a single dad with two kids. He is the sole guardian for his non-biological daughter who just turned 21, and a son that is 16. His daughter is working two jobs trying to help with the bills and pay off her student loans from cosmetology school. His son works part-time while attending high school. To tell you what kind of a person LT is, he was doing daily checks on my mom, his grandma, that lived alone and couldn’t drive. He would cut her grass, did her grocery shopping and helped with maintenance around the house. We ended up moving her to assisted living because of failing health and at the same time LT started to feel ill. Even though he felt awful, he didn’t complain and was still at the house helping us move and pack things. He always puts others and his kids first and would give anyone his shirt off his back. He has raised his kids on his own for the last 12 years and has never complained or wished it different. My wish is for him to have food on the table, money to pay his household and medical bills for the next couple of months, and maybe a little extra so he can get his kids something for Christmas. He’s never had it easy but these past 5 months it seems like he just can’t catch a break. He didn’t want to trouble anyone with his situation, but his sister reached out to the rest of the family as he really needs some help. Friends and family members have been helping him as much as possible, but he could still use some additional help. No one deserves it more than LT, Bridgette and Zach. The kids have big hearts just like their dad and I truly hope you will be able to make their Christmas a little brighter this year.

Thank you for your consideration!

DeniseWe couldn't think of a more deserving family for our last Christmas Wish of 2018!

For the Roth family, toothbrushes, QDOBA gift cards for Tim, Zach, and Bridgette and $1,500 to Coborns Delivers!

For Tim, we will be paying the majority of his remaining medical bills along with $100 to Scheels, $100 Lowes Gift card, $200 Visa Gift Card, $100 Masu Sushi gift card, $200 to Davanni's Pizza, tennis shoes, Shark Vacuum, blanket, bathroom bag, winter accessories, Famous Dave's Gift basket and thermos. For 21 year old Bridgette, $100 to Sigma Beauty, $100 Visa Gift card, $100 to Proozy, 4 VIP tickets to SNOWTA NYE, CONAIR ring light mirror, Morphe eye shadow palette, Morphe Contour palette, Kylie Lip Kit, Morphe makeup brushes, Beauty Blender, Morphe setting spray, Mario Badescu rose water, makeup carrier winter accessories, clothes and school supplies. Finally for 16 year old Zach, $100 to Scheels, Free Season pass to Welch Village, IPAD, gift cards to Escape Frenzy, clothes & snowboaring accessories.

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