Kimberleigh & Friends Helping Friends Christmas Wish

Dear Dave Ryan Show, I write today to nominate Kimberleigh Taylor, founder of Friends Helping Friends Formula and Diaper Shelf, provider of formula and diapers to families in desperate situations. (Seriously. Babies are expensive!) Kimberleigh struggled when her babies were young which she turned that into a desire to help other families, fighting and bootstrapping her way to create this emergency relief resource. I learned about Friends Helping Friends through a Facebook mom’s group a few years ago. I kept seeing the name Kimberleigh Taylor pop up, wishing and hoping that someone would answer her call for formula or diapers to provide to local baby in need. I started donating to the shelf and discovered just how hard Kim has worked to start and maintain this organization.

She drives all over the Twin Cities picking up donations of formula, diapers and breastfeeding supplies to help fill her shelves. Kim makes herself available nearly around the clock to answer to the families that need her. She created an “Emergency Response Team” of volunteers that can help run errands for the shelf if she is ever not available. She’s created rules for distribution to prevent abuse of the program and she put on her own Christmas Wish that provided several families with the gift of diapers, wipes and formula this month. She puts in countless hours and miles making the organization successful in addition to working her day job and raising her two daughters with her husband. Kim has applied for nonprofit status but the IRS is currently experiencing a backlog in applications – what used to take 8-12 months is now taking 18-24 months. Without being a recognized 501c3, it makes it harder to apply for funding to keep this going, but she does. I admire her dedication and the time she gives, demonstrating the impact just one person can have on a community. My wish is for office supplies, a gas card, metal shelf for storage, and why not, some formula and diapers too. Granting this wish would have a ripple effect, helping several families in need. Thank you for your consideration.

- NoraWe were so honored to be able to help out Kim and her amazing organization this holiday season.

For Kim & her family, $100 Scheels gift card, $100 Proozy gift card, $100 Sigma Beauty gift card, $100 Masu Sushi gift card, $500 Coborns Delivers gift card, a Famous Daves gift basket, Qdoba gift card, Davannis in shop pizza party & Escape room passes thanks to Escape Frenzy! The family will also attend Elf at the Ordway for a night out with the family and their 5 year old daughter will actually be a part of the stage performance by playing little “Suzie”! The family will get tickets forth show!

To help with Friends Helping Friends Formula and Diaper Shelf, 10 $100 Coborns gift cards for families who come to Friends Helping Friends Formula and Diaper Shelf, 70 boxes of diapers, 20 boxes of wipes and 40 boxes of formula. Jackets for toddler and babies, hats, mittens & shoes. Pajamas, onesies, bibs, butt cream, swaddle blankets, diaper bags, teethers, cups/plates/utensils and mailing supplies. We've also gotten them an HP touchscreen laptop and we are paying off the remaining balance on her storage rental!

LISTEN to the full wish below!

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