The Time Prince Snubbed Nicholas Cage's Request for a Photo

One of Nicholas Cage's favorite artists of all time is Prince.  Once he even sent him a bottle of Sherry along with a note thanking him for his music.  Just because.


 Cage finally met Prince in person at an after-party the night he won his Oscar for "Leaving Las Vegas".  But it didn't go exactly as Nic hoped.

He says, quote, "I [asked] him if he got my letter and he said yes and that he was very happy that I was there.  I never ask anyone for a picture but I remember asking for one with Prince because of the monumental way that he motivated and inspired me.

"He said 'No, I just can't,' and I was in shock but I understood and I still love him.  I had read some of his interviews and I knew that he didn’t like the idea of the photograph 'taking his soul.'

"He was very sensitive about technology but I still find it amazing that I got to meet one of my heroes when we had that exchange." Read the entire article and about meeting Prince here.

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