Kaden's Christmas Wish

Dear Dave, Fallon and Steve,

My name is Emerson, I am 10 years old and I am in the 5th grade at Royal Oaks Elementary in Woodbury. My mom drives me to school every morning and we listen to KDWB on the way there!

I have gone to school with my friend, Kaden, since the beginning of elementary school. Kaden is really, really kind. I think he is pretty much friends with everyone in our school. He never gets in arguments with anyone, and he’s a really hard worker. He’s always prepared at school… he’s not one of those boys who just goofs off. Kaden is also really into sports. He plays football at recess, but he REALLY loves to play basketball.

On Friday, October 26th Kaden got sick in school. We all just thought he had the flu, but Kaden didn’t come back to school on Monday. On Tuesday, our lives were forever changed when our teacher came into the classroom and told us that Kaden had Leukemia. I was so sad for Kaden and his family. My mom picked me up after school that day. As soon as I got in hercar, I started crying and told her about Kaden. I told her I was really sad and scared. Right away, my mom said, “let’s figure out what you can do to help Kaden.”

Since we found out about his cancer, Kaden has been through so much. He started chemotherapy right away and he has to do it lots of times each week. He has had many side effects from chemo like headaches, vomiting, back pain, muscle weakness, and lack of coordination. He was able to come to school for a few hours to visit us, but he had to go right back to the hospital. When he came to visit, we saw that Kaden had already lost all his hair.

As if all of this wasn’t enough for him to handle, Kaden has had several seizures and small strokes that have put him back in the ICU multiple times. Because of these brain problems, Kaden has to go to Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy appointments.

All of this has put so much extra on Kaden’s parents plates. They spend many hours scheduling Kaden’s appointments, caring for Kaden at home and in the hospital and driving to children’s hospital in Minneapolis. They have had to miss lots of work to do this and things like gas and medical bills are very expensive. Kaden’s parents also still have to take care of Kaden’s three brothers who are 16, 14 and 7 years old— and they have to do all this hard work knowing that their son is really sick.

I am writing on behalf of the ENTIRE 5th grade class at Royal Oaks Elementary and Kaden’s fifth grade teacher Mrs. Bartness who goes to see Kaden a few times a week to help him keep up with learning. KDWB, please help Kaden and his family. We would do anything for our friend. Our first Christmas wish would be to take the cancer away from Kaden but if we can’t have that then please make sure his family has everything they need to take care of their son and our friend.

Our moms and teachers keep us updated on Kaden’s journey but nothing compares to seeing him at school. We really want to help him get healthy and help his family still have the best Christmas they can have. Please, KDWB, help Kaden and his family.

EmersonWe were so honored to be able to grant this wish for Kaden! For his family, $100 AMC gift card, a Masu Sushi gift card, $15 Subway card, $50 Chipotle card, $25 Applebees card, $25 Panera card, and $25 Noodles card. For some fun this holiday season, Escape Game experience from Escape Frenzy! Heads-Up, Disney Villanious game, Shadows Play in the Dark game and Super Wubble Bubble ball. A QDOBA gift card. To keep the house clean, Clorox wipes, Lysol spray, paper towels, laundry baskets, towels & washcloths and a Dyson air purifying fan!

For Mom & Dad, $500 to Coborns Delivers, $25 Starbucks gift card, $200 Visa gift card, Famous Dave’s gift basket & blanket. Mom will also receive $100 PROOZY gift card, $100 Sigma Beauty gift card, reusable straws, new robe, coffee mug, winter accessories, pajamas, backpack, oil diffuser & candel. For Dad, $100 Scheels gift card, $50 Cabela's card, new backpack, water bottle, winter clothing & grooming kit. 

Kaden's oldest brother, Logan, received $100 Visa gift card, $50 Target card, snow tube & clothes. Brother Dylan is also receiving $100 Visa gift card, $50 Target card, snow tube & clothes. Youngest brother, Colton received, Super Sense Spier Man, science kit, snow tube, clothes & shark towel. Finally, for Kaden, 1 year Nintendo Switch membership, NBA 2k19 game, $50 Nintendo store card, Fortnite, basketball, basketball hoop, snow tube, blanket, Fortnite action figures, clothes & books.

LISTEN: Dave grants Kaden's Christmas Wish!

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