What Do We Think About The Gifts I Got My Wife?


let's begin. 

Oh, wait a sec. First, let me address my wife. 

Jenn, If you are reading this. Stop. Go back. Turn around. Keep binge-watching 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' and go about your day. Okay, love you, excited to eat dinner with you tonight. Okay, bye.


I think I did pretty decent this year. 

I usually let Jennifer open her gifts early because I have no self-control (obviously). 

Here are the gifts I selected for my lovely wife for Christmas 2k18:

  1. Alpaca Pillow from Alpaca Connections at MOA. SO COMFY! 
  2. Canvas photo of us at our wedding. We tied the knot in May & we have yet to publish any photos in our house. It's been too long. 
  3. Wine Membership. This is actually hotter than Zac Efron. She'll get four nice ass bottles of wine shipped to our apartment each month based off of her selected preferences. 
  4. Trip to NYC. This was risky. I know she wants to go back to NYC, but I wasn't sure about booking a trip without chatting with her first. Also, she won't be able to enjoy said gift day of... because the trip isn't until April.... but maybe it'll build excitement? Idk.

How do you think I did?! A+? F? 

Thanks for reading btw!

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