Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pictures: A Winter Wedding in New York

Flew to Rochester, NY late last week to attend the wedding of my best friend, Seth, and Kelly. I took this photo of the Rochester, NY skyline because I think they actually did a pretty good job getting into the holiday spirit.  

We arrived late enough to find Seth asleep from a bit of pre-wedding fun so we took turns snuggling with this hibernating bear.  

The wedding was amazing, the lights and the decor were holiday themed but no so much where it's silly.  A few of the pics of my Instagram show a few other views of the reception. 

OH....and was there a celebrity at the wedding?  Do you recognize the celebrity standing next to Seth? 

 He's one of the groomsmen.......

Is that Seth Rogen???????

No, it's Seth's brother but without even trying he looks JUST like him. We were at a Coffee place and someone asked to take a selfie with him. (Sorry for the clickbait)

Final pic is of a little redneck art.

One of the guys at the wedding when to visit his parents and his stepfather picked up a new hobby, he's now into making lamps using bones from animals he finds in the woods.  This is easily the most bizarre "art"/hobby I've ever seen but I figured it was worth sharing.  

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