My Latest Podcast: The Worst Pop Song of the Modern Era

There are bad songs like "I'm Too Sexy" or "Barbie Girl" that are kind of meant to be bad. We listen because they're catchy and funny and clever. But we know they're not meant to be classics.

This week on the podcast I talk about a song that is bad in pretty much every conceivable way. There's no perceptible melody, the lyrics are repetitive, stupid and insulting to listen to.

It's just BAD. 

Plus we talk about a great article I found about 10 things smart people only do once. I got a lot out of it and I hope you will too.

Here's the link! You can also hear it on iTunes, iHeart Radio, Soundcloud and the podcast app.

And we have a Facebook page with some bonus material.  Here it is.

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