The Healy Family's Christmas Wish

We are writing to nominate our coworker Lisa to receive a Christmas wish. Even when she’s faced with very difficult situations at home, she somehow manages to always be a friendly, welcoming face with a contagious laugh at the reception desk of our dental office. No matter what she’s going through, Lisa does her best to help everyone around her, and she’s the first person to ask how YOU are doing even when she might be struggling.

Lisa is the primary caregiver and sole provider for her family, which includes her husband Steve, who suffers from Alzheimer’s; her daughter; and her grandson who requires special care, and many doctor’s and therapists visits due to a disability.

This summer, her husband began going to an adult day program but now needs more care than they can provide, so Lisa has been faced with the difficult decision to get her husband into full-time care, but has not yet found a home.

Lisa’s daughter was hospitalized recently as a result of depression and will need to spend several weeks in an outpatient program, during which time Lisa will need to take care of everyone in her household.

This year, Lisa has also had her share of medical problems.

On top of all of this, just a few weeks ago Lisa’s step-dad died after complications from diabetes. While they were very close, Lisa only took half a day off of work to plan and attend his funeral.

Lisa loves animals and has a handful of pets that have used and abused some of her furniture, which she has not been able to replace; at one point she was sleeping in a recliner. She could desperately use a new couch and some help with taking care of the normal every day things like cleaning and having meals that are quick and easy to prepare.

Over the last 3 years, we have never heard Lisa complain even once. I have no idea how she is able to keep her self so collected in the face of all this adversity. She works 6 days a week to provide for her family and never takes time away for herself. When she isn’t at work, she is trying to keep up with housework, cook, and keep everyone taken care of. Please consider helping a hardworking wife, mother, and grandmother out this holiday season. She could really use something to brighten her spirits and make her life just a tiny bit easier.

- HeatherWe were so happy to be able to help out Lisa and her family this holiday season!

Lisa received clothing, winter jacket & accessories, a blanket & bedset, new robe, $60 to Netflix, $25 to AMC, $100 Proozy gift card and a new queen bed frame. For her husband, Steve, comfortable clothing, winter accessories, Handsome man grooming can & shaving set, travel bathroom bag and $1,000 to help with his adult car program. Daughter Regina will receive winter accessories, blanket, winter jacket & clothes. A jewelry making kit, books and a planner. A $75 gift card to AMC/dinning for a date night with her boyfriends and $100 to Wild Bills! Finally, Regina received a Sigma Beauty gift bag. For 15 year old Porter, Marvel t-shirt and Avengers movies. Super hero LEGOS Avengers LEGOS plus the new LEGO Marvel game for XBOX. Old Spice gift set, $50 to Chipotle, $100 to XBOX online gaming and $25 AMC gift card. Thank you to Corborns Delivers for donating a $500 gift card as well!

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