Two Things to Do During the Holiday's to Keep Yourself From Gaining Weight

While the holiday season is all about family, joy, and presents, it’s also about eating, and once it’s over a lot of us will have a few, or many, extra pounds around our waists.  A recent study shows the average person will pile on anywhere from 0.8 to 2.2 pounds around the holiday season. But the study also suggests it isn’t that hard to stop that from happening. 

So, what should we be doing to keep the weight gain in check? Well, basically researches say all you need to do is weigh yourself regularly, and keep track of the amount of physical activity you’d need to burn off the calories in popular food and drinks. Apparently, when subjects were split into two groups, those who knew how much exercise would be needed to burn off what they ate didn’t gain any weight.

As for the scale,  a separate study found that subjects who weighed themselves several times a week lost more weight than those who never stepped on the scale, or did so just once a week.


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