The Audette Family's Christmas Wish


,It is my great pleasure to be writing you on behalf of Laurie for a Christmas Wish. I’ve only known Laurie just shy of a year through the Girl Scout organization, where she is the treasurer to our service unit. During this time, I got to know Laurie and what a courageous woman she is. If I was asked to describe Laurie in one word, it would be “angel.” She is always helping out wherever she can with the girl scouts, stepping up when no others will, and helping wherever she can in the community.

Over the past year, I have slowly learned everything that Laurie has gone through the ast few years. In September 2015, the second day of Allen’s sophomore year at East Central High School, Laurie received a text message from Allen’s friends stating that Allen had done something bad and she needs to check on him. When she went to check on him, she realized that he attempted to end his life. She brought him to the local hospital which sent him down to the cities. Once he was released from inpatient care, Allen returned to school but had intensive outpatient therapy, physical therapy, and specialist appointments.

That following April, Allen stated that he wanted to do inpatient therapy but wanted to finish his 10th grade year. He was doing well: applying for jobs, getting his driver’s license and looking into buying a car. Laurie tried calling the treatment facilities to try to get a placement for Allen. She was told by many of them that she needs to work with the county knowing how expensive they are and she will need help from the county to pay. In addition, she was told the only way to get him back into inpatient treatment was if he attempted suicide again. At that same time, her health insurance told her that the medication that Allen was on may no longer be available to him. Laurie had to tell Allen that inpatient treatment was the last resort. Allen told Laurie that he would not attempt suicide again and they believed him. Eight days after Laurie reached out for help Allen took his own life. Allen had lost all hope. Unfortunately, it was Michelle, Laurie’s daughter 12 year old daughter who found Allen.

Since the tragic day, Laurie’s life has drastically changed. It was too much for her marriage to overcome and Laurie got a divorce from her husband. With only one income she has had to move from a house she loved to another one that didn’t cost as much to help make ends meet. Laurie has started a Facebook page called, “Allen’s Hope” to keep Allen’s legacy going and help with suicide awareness and prevention. Laurie’s best friend Becky, has been on Laurie’s side along the way. They have both poured in their own money to keep Allen’s Hope going. Laurie has told me that she doesn’t know how much longer she can spend her own money and she feels like she would be letting Allen down if she has to stop.

Every day, Laurie says life gets easier but how easy can it be when you have lost your child. I hope one day, Laurie will be able to enjoy life as Allen would want her to do. Laurie’s dream is to get her non-profit LLC license for Allen’s Hope so she can accept more donations and extend Allen’s Hope out beyond her community. With only one income, her spare money is going to items she needs at that exact moment. This is why I am writing you; I’m asking if you could grant one wish, I wish for you to help Laurie obtain this LLC license to be able to continue Allen’s Legacy and make her life a bit more enjoyable.

- Brigitte

For Laurie and her family, washcloths, bath & hand towels as well a laundry basket. For a night out, an AMC gift card. They'll aslo receive an Alexa and $500 to Corborns Delivers. For Laurie, winter accessories, socks, slippers, cardigan and bath robe. A bracelet and new purse plus a Sigma Beauty gift bag! She'll also receive $100 Proozy gift card, $300 to pay for the LLC Licence for #AllensHope and a $500 donation to #AllensHope. For Michelle, new bed sheets and pajamas as well as a DIY lamp kit. New winter accessories and clothing items such as sweaters and a jean jacket. We also got Michelle a water bottle, coffee sup, DIY bath bomb kid, a makeup bag, pillow & backback!

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