The Jutz Family's Christmas Wish

Hello KDWB morning crew,

We are writing on behalf of a wonderful woman named Cindy, for Christmas Wish. I metCindy when we both became Kindergarten teacher assistants about seven years ago. I’veshared her story and struggles throughout the years with my daughters, who gave me the ideato submit this wish.

Cindy is a very humble and kind person that goes out of her way for anyone. She is amom to two wonderful kids. Ryan wants to pursue a career in music and Samantha is currentlyat college in Duluth, studying nursing. Cindy is always positive and always has a smile on herface, despite all that she has had to overcome.

A few years ago Cindy fought cancer and thankfully beat it. She continues to visit thedoctor to monitor and make sure it doesn’t return. After beating cancer herself, her husbandwas diagnosed with lung cancer. He fought cancer as hard as he could, but unfortunately losthis battle in 2016. She recently found out that her sister is in a losing battle with cancer as well.As hard as this is, Cindy continues to push on. She takes care of every day expenses like thehouse payment, making sure the house is heated, and monthly bills on a paraprofessional’shourly pay. Cindy never lets anything bring her down and never complains. She continuallyshows up to work ready to do her job, and the kids all love “Ms. Cindy”. She always remainsstrong and goes above and beyond for the kids.

Cindy recently broke her foot and had to have surgery, which kept her out of work for twoweeks and soon medical bills will start coming in. She is now back to work, but uses a scooterto get around. Again, nothing stops Cindy. She shows up, smiles big, works hard, and pushesthrough.

Our Christmas wish for Cindy is to brighten up her holiday season and help her catch abreak in the midst of all she faces on a daily basis. She deserves to feel the amount of love shegives to others every day and I hope she feels that through this wish. Thank you KDWB formaking this wish come true!

- Julie

For Cindy and her family, $50 to Harley Davidson, $100 Davanni's Pizza gift card and $500 to Coborns Delivers as well as a Christmas wreath for her front door. For Cindy we got her a water bottle, kitchen & dish towels as well as a Cuisinart coffeemaker. Winter accessories and $500 worth of Sigma Beauty products. A Wedding Day Diamonds gift bag and Love Your Melon beanie. She will also receive $300 gas card, $100 towards her medical bills, $100 for a day to treat herself and $100 to Proozy. For daughter Samantha, a planners, $50 to Starbucks and $150 to Target. Son Ryan also received $150 to Target and $50 to Applebees. Finally $1,000 to help fill her propane tank that heats her home. 

LISTEN to Dave Ryan as he grants Cindy her Wish!

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