Sneak Peek at a Children's Christmas Story I Wrote


Leo was a little tree, just a foot high. He grew up in a forest and Leo was so excited that one day, he'd be big enough to be a Christmas tree.

"I can't wait to sit in someone's house and have presents all around me!" said Leo. "I want to be covered with lights and decorations and have boys and girls and moms and dads all look at me and see them get so excited for Christmas!"

Leo spent his summers spreading out his branches to soak up sunshine so he would grow big and tall and healthy. He drank water from the soil and let birds nest in him. Leo would whisper to the birds, "One day, I'll be a Christmas tree and I'll make people so happy!"

In the winter, Leo was covered with snow, but he didn't mind. "The snow makes me think of Christmas!" he'd say to his fellow trees. "And one day, I'll get to be a Christmas tree!"

The years passed and Leo grew taller and stronger. His branches grew and grew. His trunk was strong enough to hold up all those Christmas decorations. "I'll bet this is the year I get to be a Christmas tree!" proclaimed Leo.

One day, just after Thanksgiving, a man came walking up to Leo and his friends. The man was holding a saw, looking at all the trees. He looked left and right. He looked up and down. And then he looked at Leo.

Leo was so excited. Would he be chosen to be a Christmas tree? Could this finally be the year?

Read the rest of Leo's story Thursday morning after 6am!

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