See Your Screentime Usage on Your iPhone...It's Shocking!

I got an alert on my phone on Sunday telling me how much screen time I'd used over the past week. I had NO idea I used my phone this much!

Here's how to see yours.  It's apparently only on the latest IOS for iPhone, so make sure yours is up-to-date first.

Here we go!

Click "Settings"

You'll have to swipe down to get the search bar to appear.

Type in "screen" and the Screen Time app will appear with a little blue hourglass.

Get ready to be shocked.

Click on "Last 7 Days"

This shows I used abour FOUR HOURS  of screen time every day last week!

I pick up my phone about 126 times EVERY DAY!

And here it breaks down what apps you're spending time on.

One thing you can try? Download the app "Forest".  It encourages you to go for pre-set stretches of time without picking up your phone.  It's free and it's kind of fun and moderately effective.

And just for fun, here's an adorable picture of a pot-bellied pig named Otis!  Awwwww!  Hi Otis!

Thanks for looking at my blog!


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