'Murder in the Marsh' Mike Williams Murder

Up before the sun on December 16, 2000, Mike Williams climbed into his truck and headed out to go hunting but never returned. Mike a married man with a young daughter was never seen again. Mike was a successful real-estate appraiser who told his wife that he'd be home by noon so they could go to celebrate their wedding anniversary that evening. 

 After not returning around noon she became nervous, she called friends she had thought he might be hunting with, he wasn't with any of his usual hunting buddies.  Within hours a massive search was underway.  Police, coast guard, friends and families all search local hunting areas, and they spotted his truck and his boats trailer on the banks of Lake Seminole.  Hear the story of Mike Williams who people believed was eaten by an alligator but was that the truth.  

Learn more about the Murder of Mike Williams.

Mike Williams; Where are his wife and best friend now?  

Four major questions as Mike's widow, Denise stands trial

Mike Williams body discovered in a 'Nasty, Wicked place"

Listen to part of Brian's confession to killing Mike. after he had been found guilty of kidnapping Denise. 

You can learn more about the case here which begins today in Florida.  

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