Matthew's Christmas Wish

This year as I listened to the Dave Ryan in the Morning Show and The Christmas Wish program one person came to my mind right away.  It was Matthew Hunt.

Matt had such a jest for life.  He was very active in sports and he loved skate boarding.  He has such a special place in his heart for Jesus.  He is one of the most loving and caring people you could ever meet. 

Matthew has devoted his life to taking care of his mother Mary Kaye.  Matthew maintained the house and all her needs for years until he was diagnosed with MS about 2 years ago.  Soon after that he began to have trouble with day to day activities.  The roles began to shift and his mother started caring for his needs.  This was especially hard on him as he was very independent.  

On November 9th of this year Matthew’s mother passed away.  This has left Matthew to care for his needs alone and at times this has been very challenging for him as the MS is progressing now and he has troubles getting around.

Some of the simple things that we take for granite are difficult for Matthew for example bathing.  He can no longer step into the bath tub to take a bath as this is not only difficult for him but also dangerous as well.  Preparing meals or daily household chores have proven to be a challenge for him as well. 

I can’t think of anyone more deserving of a Christmas wish than Matthew.  I know Matthew would never ask for anything but I know this would make his day to day struggles so much easier.

Please consider granting this wish for Matthew and make this holiday season a little bit more joyous for him.  Thank you so much. 

I love you Matthew and God Bless you.


Thank you Teri for submitting this Christmas Wish! 

To help Matthew out this holiday season, $1,000 from Coborn's Delivers! Also a Christmas wreath for his home. To help Matthew out physically, a sliding transfer shower chair and walker. We also got Matthew sweatshirts and sweaters as well as t-shits and joggers. A bath mat, wash cloths and bath towels. $120 Netflix gift card to watch all his favorite shows and movies and a $100 Visa gift card. 

LISTEN: Dave grants a Christmas Wish for Matthew!

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