Colt's Weekend in More Than 5 Photos

This week was craaaaaaazy.

It was all sorts of normal up until Thursday night. I caught a flight down to Jacksonville, FL. My wife has been living there the past 8 months (ever since I moved to Minnesota).

My wife picked me up after her first exam (the reason why she stayed was to graduate)... We headed to Mellow Mushroom by our Jacksonville Apartment. It's a suuuuper great Pizza joint. Her family met up with us there. The food was so good. Like I don't think Pizza gets enough credit. After a few drinks we headed home, watched Law & Order (dundun) and went to bed.

Friday started early with a fresh cup of coffee and a rush to get ready for Jenn's Graduation. We went to The University of North Florida, got our seats and watched the president of UNF hand her the degree!

Directly after the graduation ceremony we packed up our U-Haul & set the GPS for Minneapolis. 

Moving is always the worst. Here's some photos from our travels:

We eventually finally made it, unpacked our U Haul and went back home to organize the apartment!

After some rest, coffee & more coffee - we unpacked a bit!

Sunday afternoon we met some friends at Rojo and celebrated our successful journey.

Thank you for reading! Hope you are having a great week so far :)

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