The McBride Family's Christmas Wish

I am nominating the McBride Family for KDWB’s Make-A-Wish program.

Andy and Mindy McBride have two beautiful daughters.  Maisie is 9, and was born with Angelman Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects about 1 in 20K people. Maisie is non-verbal; she is delayed in her muscle control and ability to think. Her sister Elsa is a lively and vivacious six-year-old.

Andy and Mindy’s faith is strong so when they were first told that Maisie has Angelman Syndrome, they believed God chose them to parent this beautiful little girl. He knew they would tirelessly advocate for her needs and campaign for a cure. 

Andy and Mindy’s strength, courage and love have helped them rise to the challenges of a busy household.  Their faith keeps them grounded as they focus on two family mottos: “McBride’s don’t quit,” and “Choose your attitude.”

In August of this year, however, their lives would take a dramatic turn. After the family returned from a camping trip, Andy started to not feel well. Despite suffering from flu-like symptoms, he flew to Las Vegas for a work trip.  He ended up sick enough that he never left his room.  A few days later, when Andy missed his flight home, his dad called 9-1-1.  Andy was rushed to the hospital, where he spent the next two weeks in a medically-induced coma.  After a battery of tests, Andy was diagnosed with West Nile disease.  Andy’s symptoms were more severe than most people and knowing his recovery would likely be long, he was medevacked back to MN, where he is now being treated in a skilled nursing facility.

Andy, a smart, loving husband and father, is essentially trapped in his own body.  While his mind is strong, 90% of Andy’s body is paralyzed.  He is unable to walk, raise his head or feed himself, and he is working to re-learn how to speak.  The outcome of this is unknown; and the fear of the unknown is overwhelming.

Prior to getting sick, Andy and Mindy had an efficient tag-team parenting style that worked well for managing a busy household. But now that half of the team is struggling to regain his health, Mindy’s time is stretched between raising the girls, helping with homework, holding down a full-time job, and being there to support Andy’s recovery. 

Mindy is an amazingly strong woman, but the bills and emotional strain are mounting.  While it’s true; McBride’s don’t quit, they sure could use some help getting back on their feet. I am asking KDWB to choose the McBride’s as Make-A-Wish recipients because Mindy, Andy and the girls deserve to have a few miracles come their way.

- Tina

We were so honored to be able to grant a Wish for the McBride Family this holiday season! For the family we got them $100 movie gift card, $100 to Wild Bills, tickets to Mary Poppins Jr. an LL Bean outdoors gift park and $500 to Corborn's for groceries! 

For Mindy, picture frames and a portable charger. Gift cards to Starbucks and panera. A Christmas stocking as well as new clothes and accessories. Bath and body products and travel mugs.  For Maisie, Soggy dog, $100 to the app store, interactive bridge toy, 5 Fisher Price sensory toys & cozy clothes. She also received a Dreamworks Spirit Riding - Lucky's Happy Home by Playmobil! Elsa received a unicorn backpack, new toothbrush and toothpaste, Lego sets, Amelia Bedilia book set, winter accessories, stuffed animals, marshmellow treat makes and fuzzy llama jacket. Andy loves the Minnesota Vikings, so he received a Vikings hat, pillow, blanket, poster and stadium replica along with an LL Bean Sweatshirt. 

LISTEN: Dave Ryan grants a Wish in person to the McBride Family!

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