The Krasten Family's Christmas Wish

I am writing to you about my friend Andrea, I would like to nominate her for the Christmas Wish. Andrea is an amazing single mom of 3 incredible kids, ages 10, 9, and 7. Over the past year, Andrea has fallen on some tough times. Last winter when her kids got sick, Andrea had to miss time from work as there was nobody else to care for them. Unfortunately, she lost her job because of missing too much time. Andrea did not give up though. She immediately began looking for a new job and started classes to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. It was difficult for Andrea to complete the classes and help her family due to being without work, needing childcare during her classes, and having an unreliable mode of transportation. This period of time used up her savings, and while times were already tough, her only vehicle died, requiring her to be forced into finding a new mode of transportation, which only set her further behind. On top of that two of her kids have upcoming surgeries that are needed, so she now has co pays, deductibles and medical bills that are stacking up and becoming a constant worry. Just recently Andrea had to make the selfless decision to not fill her own medication prescriptions so she could fill her children’s prescriptions. This spring her lease is up on her apartment, and she is looking for a place to live that will be less in rent to help cut costs. The future for Andrea and her kids is unknown as far as their living situation and this is a constant worry for her, though she never lets her kids see this worry. With each new challenge, she always finds the ability to face it with a smile and tender heart. She is always willing to help anyone out, and spends her days caring for so many others, in fact as I read this, Andrea is at her home waiting for my kids to be dropped off at 7am on her day off, because she thinks that I need a sitter today. This Christmas season is hitting her rather hard emotionally, as it is also the 20th anniversary of her mom passing away, and quickly approaching the 14th anniversary of her dad passing away. I would love to see a little Christmas cheer come into her and the kids’ lives. Thank you Christmas Wish for helping to bring joy to this family.

- Tesa

We were so happy to be able to grant this wish for the Krasten Family!

For Mom, Andrea, we were able to gift her a brand new Keurig with Keurig cups and a new Tumbler mug. A $75 Target gift card and a $100 Visa gift card to help this holiday season. We also got her some cozy bath and body essentials as well as winter wear and a Christmas stocking. For the family we also got $50 to see a movie at Regal Cinemas and a $50 restaurant gift card along with some Christmas decorations for their home.

For 10 year old, Lyndsey, winter clothing & accessories. A makeupb= bag and ELF makeup brushes. A DIY glitter journey and friendship bracelet kit. We also got Lyndsey a Fuji film camera to make holiday memories with her family. 6 year old, Jacob also received a Christmas stocking as well as winter clothing & accessories. He also received a Jingle Expedition Dinosaur Set and Marble Run as well as Star Wars Pajamas! Also with her winter gear, 8 year old Naomi got a bunch of new clothes, including a fancy dress. Fun toys like unicorn putty, baby Hatchimals and Shopkins.

LISTEN: Dave Ryan calls to surprise the Krasten Family with a KDWB Christmas Wish

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