The Hovanetz Family's Christmas Wish

I have know this family for 15 years. Their youngest child Logan is a sweet, funny and smart 9 year old boy. Logan developed what they thought was a diaper rash within days of being born. It turned out to be an extremely rare ( less than 100 known cases) skin disease. Despite his constant pain, doctors appointments and physical challenges Logan and his family have remained upbeat and positive. They have kept everything very private until lately. Logan must take bleach baths daily. His bedding must be washed daily. He has doctors appointments weekly, creams to be applied, medications to take, homework and just the busy life of a nine year old. He currently plays hockey instead of doing physical therapy. His two older siblings are so kind, caring and helpful. His parents and extended family have been extremely dedicated to finding a diagnosis and helping him have the most normal childhood he can have. 

My wish for them is to have a little financial ease and family fun this Christmas. I would love to see them receive gas gift cards to help with all the driving ( his current team of doctors is located all over including Yale!) laundry detergent (tide free and clear) and bleach. They love the mall of America. Nickelodeon universe and build a bear. (Build a Bear is Logan’s favorite store) 

Thank you for considering Jay, Sherry, Jaylynn 17. James, 15 and Logan for a wish. 


For Sherry & Jay, 7 jugs of TIDE detergent to help with their contant laundry needs. Lysol wipes, Clorox spray, cleaning gloves, wash clothes & hand towels to help with keeping a clean environment. We also got the family some Christmas decorations as well as $250 to Target, $300 Visa gift card to use towards prescriptions, $50 Harry Dining gift card, $100 to Davanni's Pizza and $500 to Coborns. 

For son, Logan, $345 to his favorite place, Build-A-Bear! He's also receiving an alien snowtube, 3 NERF guns with bullets, new bed sheets and a shark blanket. For James, Sony gaming headphoens. $250 for gaming, a leather wallet and new LED shower speaker. Jaylynn is receiving $100 to Sephora, a Target gift basket, Urban Outfitters comfort pack, scrunchies, makeup, LED compact mirror and winter accessories!

LISTEN: Dave Ryan surprises the Havanetz Family with a Christmas Wish!

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