Dave's Weekend in Five Photos: December 14 - 16

We are pretty much in the thick of the holidays right now and I really love this time of the year. The trees are up, your shopping is probably done or mostly done and there are traditions, TV specials and parties. Enjoy the season! Before you know it, it'll be the day after Christmas and we'll all be like, "Dang!!! What happened???"

Here's my weekend in five photos.

Not really anything to do with the weekend because this happens a lot. Roger likes looking at a bird feeder I put on our front window.

Every year for probably 15 years, Allison and Carson and I go to "Paint Your Plate" in Edina and make a present for Susan. Over the years, she's acquired hand-painted bowls, mugs, a spoon rest, candy dishes, plates, figurines, you name it. She really doesn't need one more painted piece of pottery, but it's a great tradition and the kids and I love it. We get Caribou first and chat and laugh and have a great time.

I painted this little Santa box.

Neighborhood party on Saturday night! Yes, I wore an ugly Christmas sweater, but I was outdone by this neighbor in a sequined Christmas jacket. We had a great time even though I'm an introvert. We left about 10:30, but we hear the party went on past 2am!

Finally, Sunday I got on the treadmill and set it to burn 500 calories. It took about 50 minutes and it felt great. Watching a classic episode of "The Twilight Zone" called "He's Alive" in the background. Not my favorite episode but I love all of them in a way. There's no other show like the original Twilight Zone, but that's a blog for another day.

Hang in there! Just a week left until Christmas! Have a good one!

And as always, thanks for looking at my blog!


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