Steve-O's Weekend in Five Pics: Snowy Weekend

Started off the weekend celebrating her stepson's birthday at Urban Tactical Combat at Eden Prairie Center which is basically indoor nerf gun war. Had a blast and I think I severely injured my tailbone when I ran into Jake. It was a lot of fun, Isaac loved it and he shot me in the neck with the Nerf gun which made him pretty happy.

Early Saturday I took Isaac to his competitive soccer practice, yes, I'm basically now an Uber driver. 

If you've read this blog for a while you know that every year around this time Olivia is in the Nutcracker ballet and since parents are required to volunteer I always end up being in the show. Here's a quick picture from rehearsal on Saturday. 

While Kristy and Olivia were at ballet I took Isaac and one of Olivia's friends, sisters to an antique store to look for something. It ended up NOT being a disaster because as long as you keep them away from the glass figurines they end up finding weird things that will keep them occupied. 

Watched the Vikings lose to New England on Sunday and when the Patriots really started to pull away with the game we used it an opportunity to dress up Charlie. 

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