Dave's Favorite Things! Some Great Gift Ideas!

I came up with a list of some really cool gift ideas. Honestly, I made up this list with guys in mind, but these gifts are good for anyone!

I didn't include prices for all of them and I didn't put a link to get them. If you google any of them, you'll find them.

Email me with any questions at daveryan@kdwb.com.

Hope you get some good ideas here!


Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista. We use it every Saturday and Sunday. Makes amazing lattes and cappuccinos!

Tea Drops! These things are delicious and super-easy! Get a set of a dozen or three dozen.

The Clipadoo. Clips to the dogs leash and holds bags of poop. Great stocking stuffer! $10 onEtsy.com. Just search "Clipadoo"

Maybe a ukulele or any instrument they can easily learn to play. Maybe get one for you and learn together! I recommend an app called "Yousician" to learn. Ukuleles are about $40 - $60.

A great history of the sinking of the WW2 ship Indianapolis and the survival of the men in the water over the next 5 days.

If they ever played the original Atari 2600, they'll love this. 120 games built in and it's cheap!

A good pair of binoculars. Do not get the kind without a focus knob! Spend at least $100. Great for sporting events!

The Nintendo Switch. They can either hold it in their hand, put in on a table-top with the built in kickstand or hook it up to the TV. All the best games like Zelda, Mario, etc.

A good rachet screwdriver set. Most people have screwdrivers scattered around the house or in the garage. Get one they'll use every time.

A good, small-ish pocket knife. I recommend "Buck" brand. One blade is plenty. Make sure it's not bulky so he'll carry it in his pocket. 3 inches or so is fine.

A home hot sauce making kit. My son Chase got me one for my birthday and I love it! Easy and really good sauce!

A good, fun cribbage board. Easy to learnn and fun to play.

An introductory flight lesson! That's how I got started! Call Thunderbird Aviation in Crystal at 763-533-4162 or in Eden Prairie at 952-941-1212 for details. Probably around $100 to $150. They'll get to go up for about an hour, learn about what it takes to get their pilots license, actually fly the plane and they can do it just for fun or to explore the possibility of training.

A towel warmer. We got one about 3 years ago and it's GLORIOUS to have a warm towel on a cold winter morning!

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