A Lady Loudly Passes Gas Then Pulls a Knife On a Guy When He Complains

You've heard the term "silent but deadly."  Now here's "loud and deadly" with a little crazy mixed in . . .

A 37-year-old woman named Shanetta Wilson was standing in line at a Dollar General store near Fort Lauderdale on Sunday when she loudly PASSED GAS.

Apparently she cut a good one, and didn't even try to muffle it.  So a 55-year-old guy who was also in line said something about it.

And Shanetta responded by pulling out a pocket knife and threatening to, quote, "GUT HIM" over it.

She pulled the knife back like she was about to stab him, but stopped and walked out of the store.  Then someone called the cops, and they picked her up nearby.

She's facing charges for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, without intent to kill. 

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