Nine Things Parents Admit Finding While Snooping on Their Kid

Most parents feel it is their right to know everything that’s going on in their kids’ lives. But let’s face it, most kids go to great lengths to keep their parents from finding out certain things about themselves.

Well, there are plenty of parents who just won’t accept that and do whatever they can to find out their kids’ deepest darkest secrets. Of course, when you snoop on your kid there’s a good chance you’ll be shocked by what you discover, and now some parents fessing up to just that.

A new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has parents sharing the things they found out when snooping on their kids, and some of the revelations may shock you. They include:

  • “OMG, read my daughter’s diary and she’s been doing sexual stuff with guys!
  • “I found my eight-year-old daughter’s diary. She wrote that she hates my husband, her stepdad, so much she wanted to explode. I don’t know how to handle that.”
  • “I went through my daughter’s phone and found out she hooked up with a 30-year-old. His ass is in jail now.”
  • “Snooped through my daughter’s phone…All I discovered was that her boyfriend is very sweet and respectful to her. I am so relieved.”

  • “Went through my daughter’s phone pics. She has more nudes of herself than anything.”
  • “When you check your 13-year-old son’s phone and you realize he’s a bit of a player. Yuck.”
  • “I found almost 40 d*** pics on my daughter’s phone when I snooped it. She was only 14. She didn’t get a phone until she was 18 after that.”
  • “After snooping my son’s phone I found out he’s a bully. I’m so disappointed.”
  • “I called ‘daddy’ from my daughter’s phone. It wasn’t my husband who picked up.” 

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