Colt's Thanksgiving Weekend In Five Photos

My Thanksgiving weekend started off with some snow in the west end. I prayed to the gods that the Thanksgiving food wouldn't go straight to these hips buuuuut spoiler alert, it did.

On Thursday we headed over to Milwaukee. My uncle and his family live there and we're all super close. Here's a photo of us with their daughter and my cousin (who's more like a sister), Piper:

The food was super good. Like super super good! I ate way too much. I shoved food in my mouth like i didn't have a care in the world for my body. It was so worth it. I mean look at the atmosphere i was in to eat food:

Honestly the weekend was just spent hanging with family and relaxing. I wasn't on my phone much which was terrifying as the millennial that i am. Here's a photo of my wife & my cousins. They are so cute. Oh! And their dog Dozer! 

Annnnd here's a photo with my aunt:

We drove back on Saturday night and max chilled for the rest of the weekend... besides spending a ton of money at the mall on Sunday. But yeah, low drama, low stress, lots of food. Thanks for reading! How'd your weekend go?

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