Steve-O's Thanksgiving in Five Pictures

It's our last free weekend until 2019, we seriously have something every single weekend, from Nutcracker with Olivia to a wedding in Rochester, NY we're SLAMMED. I feel like 40% of my day on Thursday was listening to Christmas music or Olivia "rehearsing" at our house for the Nutcracker.  

Photo of the full moon taken from the roof of our house on Thanksgiving night while I hung lights. A short time later I fell off the ladder from five feet hitting both my back and my head. I saw a light when my head hit the ground that I'm sure was either a sign of a concussion of due to one of the landscape lights that we have. 

Here I am holding up the fried turkey that took a bit over an hour to cook and was PERFECT. 

While a lot of people were out shopping for black friday we hit up the local tree lot for a Christmas Tree. The last two years our tradition was to cut down a tree but this year we said screw it. Here's Isaac with the Charlie Brown tree.  

The final picture, don't remember when we took it but here's Charlie in a Santa outfit. You can tell he was a big fan. 

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