Simple Things You Can Do to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Advice from dietitians for getting through the holiday season and still fitting into your jeans.

  • Eat breakfast - Starting your day by filling up on something healthy, like an egg white omelet full of veggies, will help you avoid overindulging later.
  • Make time for fitness - Between all the holiday gatherings and quality family time, squeeze in some time to workout and make sure you stick to it.
  • Don’t show up hungry - You’re more likely to overdo it with empty calories if you head to a cocktail or dinner party when you’re famished.
  • Pitch in - The best way to make sure the event you’re attending has something healthy is to bring it yourself. Ask the host if they’d like you to whip up a lighter version of a traditional holiday dish.
  • Divide your plate well - It’s easy to overload on high-calorie favorites on Thanksgiving, but if you fill half your plate with veggies first, then a quarter with turkey and a quarter with mashed potatoes, stuffing, and rolls, you’re doing it the nutritionist-approved way.

  • Eat everything you like - The holidays don’t have to be a free for all, but you should enjoy all of the foods you love and you can skip the indulgent ones that aren’t your favorite.
  • Remember that’s it’s not just about the food - There are feasts, cocktails, and treats at every turn during the holidays, but there’s a lot more to celebrate. Focus on spending time with loved ones and find pleasure in the traditions, not just the fudge.


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