The 10 Worst Things About Being an Adult

I've had to deal with a lot of adulting type things in the last year with the accidents I've had and a few other unfortunate things, so I decided to put together this list of the 10 worst things about being an adult.

10. Oil changes  

Is it 5,000 miles or when your oil light comes on that you should get your oil changed?

9. Filing taxes

You want to just do it online but between W2's, 1099's, WD-40's (just kidding), you really have no idea if you're doing it right and getting all the money back that you deserve unless you want to pay a professional to do it.

8. Full price admission 

The glory days of paying child admission fess and having college discounts is over.  You're now paying full price for the newest Avengers movie. 

7. Paying bills 

Between setting up your account, setting up automatic payments, you jump through a million hoops to see your bank account dwindle at the end of every month. 

6. Taking care of yourself when you get sick  

Mom is no longer there to bring you chicken noodle soup and buy you over the counter drugs when you're under the weather. 

5. Rent/Mortgage payments.  

You have to analyze if you have enough money leftover after rent for that $6 caramel high rise from Caribou or if you have to work your 9-5 drinking the poop-tasting office coffee.

4. Shopping for car insurance 

What is a deductible? How much does an injury cost, and then what level of insurance to I need to make sure it covers the cost of the injury? 

3. Daily sacrifices to get your grocery shopping, laundry, and cleaning done  

You have to skip happy hour with co-workers because you've been wearing the same underwear for 3 days straight so you can't put off that laundry anymore.

2. Getting an extra charge on your cable bill dropped 

You wait on hold for an hour, to be transferred to someone that talks to you for 30 minutes, but then has to transfer you one more time to finally be told the extra charge is not getting dropped. 

1. Hangovers 

Make fun of me for this one if you want but seriously, after I turned 23, hangovers changed and I feel like I can't function for 3 days. 

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