10 Great Questions to Ask at Job Interviews

One good thing about having the same job for 25 years is I haven't had to do many job interviews lately. I've done exactly two in those years:

1.  I interviewed for a volunteer job at the Minnesota History Center. I never got called back. How did I blow an interview for a volunteer job?

2.  I had a job offer in Miami about 6 years ago and flew down there for an interview.  But the job was pretty much already mine, so it was more me interviewing them. 

So what do I know about job interviews? Well, I have interviewed a lot of people for my morning show. One of the most important parts is when the interviewer says, "Do you have any questions for me?"

Most people say, "Uh, no but I'm sure I'll think of some later."  Not a great answer and it definitely shows a lack of preparation on their part. You have to ask questions at an interview. But what?

How about:

"What do you like about working here?" or, "How will you measure the success of the person in this position?"

Great questions! Much better than, "Uhhh, how long do we get for lunch?" or "Can I bring my dog to work?"

Here's the entire article.


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